Nikhil’s Story

I am male, and a Software Engineer. So My hell Day started in Jan 2016. The morning was painful. I didn’t took it seriously but after some days i contacted General doctor (Not Specialist). He diagnosed and suggested that it is fistula and gave me some pain killers with antibiotics , At that time it worked well ! but it wasn’t actually! and hence after 12 months exactly in December Pain started again ! I visited the same doc and he again gave me some pain killer and a tube to use on it + Potassium sitz bath. after 4 Days I felt some abscess near hole. I searched on internet and found nothing. I again visited the doc he said this is just a fungal infection.
But I was in doubt so I went to specialist and he told me that this Fistula and abscess was really painful ! so doc suggested me some anesthetic tube. The pain was relieved and 2 days later the abscess blows with discharge of blood and pus. After it was really painful each time when I go for stool passing or pee as there is some muscle which controls the pee and stool . Discharge was continued. Hence I again changed the doc Finally he said that it has to be operated. I was already on leave form last 10 Days and 15 Days more
I went for surgery on 3, Jan 2017 and now i am happy 😊 my wound is healing now
Points to remember:
* Always go to specialist
*Eat properly don’t think about pain while passing stool if u will not then constipation will create more problem
*Drink alot alot alot alot alot yes alot of water
*Dont think about discharge.
One more thing during this: I felt like now I cant live and I wanna die, but my parents always cheer me up !
All you need is will power ! Family Support!

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