Robert’s Story

I am going back to work tomorrow joining a tanker vessel! Last year when I finished my 8 months contract onboard, I went home October.

Then by November I have noticed there is small pimple near in my anal canal. Then I went to my personal doctor for physical check up and he told it is low fistula, minor. And he told it must remove so that It will not aggravate/worse.

So he made scheduled fistulectomy surgery dated January 09, 2018. Then It is so successful, two days after operation I can do what I want to do, but I make sure to really make heal enough immediately by doing Sitz bath and the prescription antibiotics. Then after a week it is back to normal, my first bowel two days before operation was successful…

Then after a month of operation I went to Physical exam for work, then the results physically fit. Thank God It is only minor, and I actually removed it immediately. I hope some cases here major or minor would heal rapidly so that they can return to normal Life…. THANK YOU AGAIN.


Robert is a 2nd Cook seaman, from the Philippines. He has a wife and three kids, and is happy to be fistula free!

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