Judy’s Success Story

Hi. My name is Judy living in England. My story started during my holiday in Hungary in August 2017. I already had some weird feeling down there couple of days before I went on holiday. I don’t know how to explain, it felt like a tennis ball wants to pass through. I thought it’s an internal hemorrhoid, so bought some cream, and got on the plane. The 2nd night after arrival I started to have a horrible pain on my right butt cheek. Maybe something similar to frayed skin, but a lot worse. I should have gone to ER straight away, but still thought it’s hemorrhoid, and one cannot go to ER with just a hemorrhoid, right?

Well, I went to a private hemorrhoid specialist, who said, that it is not hemorrhoid, but infected anal glands. He also said, let’s hope it will not turn into abscess. Instead of sending me to hospital, he gave me antibiotics. Which worked for 2 days, then I started to have fever, shaking, and shivering. At this point I called him, and he said, this might be side effect from one of the two antibiotics.

Well, it was not. After another painful night, the morning I went to the ER finally. This was after 5 days suffering. In the hospital the doctor took a glance and said it needs to be operated straight away. Had a spinal anaesthetic, and got 3 cuts down there, due to the big size of the abscess. They placed little tubes and gauze into each wound, to let the puss drain. I was in shock. Still in shock, whenever I think back. I slept few hours only, cos 3 tubes were sticking out of my butt. The toilet and the shower were of course not in the same room. You can imagine when the gauze sticking out of the wounds got dirty. Ewww.

Anyway, after 3 days the doctor removed the gauze, but the catheters/tubes had to stay for another 2 days. Removing the gauze is something I cannot forget ever. Was so painful I cried, and I don’t cry that easy. When finally the tubes were removed as well, which was not really painful, I could go on my way with 3 open wounds. Got dressings and stuff. My hubby was changing the dressing. From the stress I had to go to toilet quite often, which meant changing dressing on the wounds each time. I was crying like hell. He was my strength, I could not do this without him.

After a week and a follow up appointment, finally came back to England. Of course, I knew already, that there is a great chance of developing a fistula. It did. Two fistulas actually, which were connected to each other. Had another surgery the same year just before Christmas. This was a much more pleasant experience. Did not need seton, just a fistulotomy. When I woke up, my first question was about the type of the method, but thankfully it was an easy procedure. Hardly any pain, no blood, just a little discharge for 3 weeks, then it stopped, and the wound healed. Been on my follow up in February, doctor said everything ok. I am healed. At least on the outside. Still paranoid, still scared to death, that it might come back. You, we people are real warriors. Wishing everyone health and inner piece.

Although doctors said that this can happen to anyone without reason, I think it was from IBS. I had diarrhea on a daily basis before. Unhealthy stool can block/infect the anal glands. Since then I cut gluten and dairy of my diet, and have no diarrhea at all. Sending you all positive vibes. Please don’t give up. And if you feel low, or suicidal, please, please talk about it. Don’t cope with this terrible thing alone.

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